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The sea sculpts driftwood, wearing away the soft grain, beautifying cracks,

holes, rusty old nails, and flaky paint.


Inspired by the form and texture, Steve make artworks from fishermen’s cottages to boats, birds, fish, faces... using just a few hand tools with little or no work done to change the found shapes, finishing the job that was started by the sea from across the Atlantic, California, Zakynthos, the Avon Gorge, the banks of the Severn... rubbed by cows on a Cotswold common... storm washed on the Mediterranean shore... driftwood art inspired by wading birds of the coast and estuaries.

“You stare at piles of driftwood for several weeks, sometimes months, until

inspiration strikes and two pieces come together. I used an old boat spar for

years as a garden chair arm before it became an art lark bird!”

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