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Simonís work is first and foremost an expression of his love for the natural world. As a child, he spent as much time as possible in the woods around his house, exploring and drawing the things that lived within them, especially the animals and birds.

Simon has never been professionally trained in sculpture or ceramics but he have spent many years experimenting with different materials and studying the work of other sculptors. His work primarily stems from direct observation of the subject he is portraying. The stylistic and constructional considerations are secondary to portraying the subject as honestly as possible. This is not to say that he strives to make his work realistic in the literal sense, instead he seeks to capture and portray that sense of awareness that is present in all living things. Although his work focuses mainly on birds at the moment, he has plans for several new works, including deer, dogs, cattle and wild boar.

The work is constructed in crank clay around an armature. He models as fully as possible with his fingers and only uses tools to accentuate certain lines. When the clay is firm the armature is removed and the piece is hollowed to an even thickness. Once bisque fired the work undergoes several more firings with successive layers of oxides, stains and under glazes to build up the required effects and depth of colour. Most of the larger sculptures are attached to a piece of wood or a post and a base and joined as a whole.

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