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Merope lives inland from the wonderful Northumberland coast on a small farm with her husband, two children, grandchild, two dogs and two cats.
Her creative studio is in one of the outbuildings and it was here that she first started to create boats out of driftwood a couple of years ago.  Her first driftwood boats were adorned with Liberty Fabric sails.  From these very first boats Merope’s work has developed to become more sculptural and distinctive.
Her work is very much dictated by what she finds combing beaches and rivers across the UK.
Merope says, “I like the boats to stay looking very much as I find them. I find so many different sorts of pieces and each one is unique but it's always their integral feel, shape and colour that appeals to me.”
An eclectic array of striped fabrics is used for the boat sails, all of which are carefully shaped to look authentic.
Many of the Merope's boats are designed to hang from the wall but some are freestanding. Some are also reversible which means they have different fabric on either side and can be viewed from the front and the back.

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