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Joanneís journey to becoming a professional sculptor of dogs began in 2000 when for her own amusement she decided to sculpt the family Jack Russell from a sketch she had drawn. She enjoyed the process so much that she went on to try more sculptures inspired by other family dogs.

After showing this collection to galleries she received a very positive response and this encouraged her to explore other dog breeds for inspiration and she soon became obsessed!

She is still excited by her subject and is constantly looking at dogs in books, on walks and on the internet to find characteristics that she can incorporate in her work.

Her favourite stage of sculpting is applying the facial expression. It is at this point that the piece comes to life and shows itís personality. She does not like to get too bogged down with trying to achieve anatomical perfection but rather puts all her effort into capturing the character of a dog, which sometimes means exaggerating certain aspects of itís appearance.

Joanneís sculptures are shown in galleries around the UK.

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